• Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

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    Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

    Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System T echnical Specification: Feature: Advanced Digital Imaging Technology: Full view FPD, outstanding image quality and large field of view coverage even during image rotation. High dynamic field of view, achieve the optimal image of human...

  • Dynamic Digital Radiography System

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    Dynamic Digital Radiography System

    Feature: Multi-purpose Digital Imaging Solution: Digital Radiography A fast and precise full digital x-ray examination of most parts of the body. Wide range of checking, as well as erect, lying, and oblique positions. Digital Fluoroscopy Full view area with 17 X 17 inches,...

  • Digital Radiography&Fluoroscopy System

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    Digital Radiography&Fluoroscopy System

    Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System Characteristics: The extended focus distance can arrive up to 180cm allowing to obtain chest images comparable to those done on a chest stand, making the high definition digital chest image. User can get multi-angle, continually...

  • Surgical X-ray Equipment

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    Surgical X-ray Equipment

    Surgical X-ray Equipment Features: Perfect Image chain achieves sharp images: The high-quality image intensifier improves the digital image quality. State-of-the-art CCD camera with advanced noise reduction algorithms, are the key to consist image quality in every...

  • Digital Fluoroscopy System

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    Digital Fluoroscopy System

    Digital Fluoroscopy System Features: High definition images thanks to the high frequency generator and digital acquisition system: Our high frequency technology assures the best images in every operating condition along with reduced patient dose and extended x-ray tube...

  • Digital Mammography System

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    Digital Mammography System

    Characteristics: Comfortable and Safe Examination: -Compressor: Its rounded edges could avoid skin scratch and make the system easy and comfortable to access. After exposure, the compressor will be uplift automatically to decrease the compression time of patient. And the...

  • X-ray Radiography System

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    X-ray Radiography System

    X-ray Radiography System Characteristics: Table side adjustment, Remote-control Exposure Excellent X-ray Source, Low skin dose --Table side human graphic color LCD touch screen for parameters setting, together with the remote-control exposure method make the operating much...

  • Mobile X-ray Equipment

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    Mobile X-ray Equipment

    Mobile X-ray Equipment The machine is mobile X-ray radiography medical diagnostic equipment. It can be used in wards, operation rooms and emergency rooms etc. to satisfy the radiography requirements of human body such as head, chest and limbs etc. Features: --Our high...

  • 3D 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound

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    3D 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound

    This product is not currently produced.
    3D 4D color doppler Ultrasound Characteristics: ·Turning one-button image optimization ·Automatic Analysis ·Four transducer ports ·Up to 16Mhz Probes are supported ·DICOM 3.0, USB, LAN connections Imaging modes B-mode B/B 4B...

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