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Introduction Of Infant Incubator

Nanjing Kaihong Healthcare Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Introduction of Infant incubator 

The infant incubator is a device that adopts a "convection heat regulation" method to implement servo control of the incubator temperature using computer technology.

It is mainly composed of baby cabin, temperature controller, incubator chassis, blue light irradiation box and so on. It is used to provide a clean air, suitable temperature and humidity environment for low-weight infants, critically ill weak infants and premature infants. It is used for constant temperature culture, body temperature recovery, infusion, oxygen infusion, rescue, hospitalization, etc. The transport incubator is also used to safely transport infants.

Temperature control range:

Under the air temperature control, the temperature control range is 25℃~ 37℃, under special operation, the maximum temperature control is 38℃, the working mode is set up with yellow warning light indication;

Under skin temperature control, the control temperature range is 32℃~ 37℃, under special operation, the maximum temperature control is 38℃, the working mode is set, there is a yellow warning light indication;

In normal use, the concentration of carbon dioxide formed in the infant compartment is no more than 0.5%.

The airflow velocity in the infant cabin is not more than 0.35 m/s.

In normal use, the sound level of the baby cabin is not more than 55dB (A).

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