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Definition And Classification Of High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

Nanjing Kaihong Healthcare Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2018

High frequency electrosurgical unit is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting. It heats the tissue by contacting the body with the high-frequency and high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip, thereby achieving separation and solidification of the body tissue, thereby cutting and stopping bleeding. There are two main working modes of high-frequency electrosurgical unit: monopolar and bipolar.


According to the function and use of the high frequency surgical instrument, it can be roughly divided into the following types:

1, multi-function high-frequency electrosurgical unit: with pure cutting, mixed cutting, monopolar coagulation, electrocautery, bipolar coagulation;

2, monopolar high-frequency electrosurgical unit: with pure cutting, mixed cutting, monopolar electrocoagulation, electrocautery;

3, bi-active coagulation set: bipolar electrocoagulation;

4, electric cautery: unipolar electrocautery;

5, endoscope special high frequency generator: with pure cutting, mixed cutting, monopolar electrocoagulation;

6, high-frequency argon knife: with argon protection cutting, argon arc jet coagulation;

7, multifunctional high-frequency beauty apparatus: with point condensation, point burning, ultra-high frequency electric burning.

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