DR System

  • Digital Radiography U-Arm System

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    Digital Radiography U-Arm System

    Digital Radiography U-Arm System Technical Parameter: Power Output: 26KW Inter Frequency: 60KHz Dual-focus: Small focus: 0.6 Large focus: 1.3 Thermal Capacity: 900kJ(1200KHU) The Speed of the Rotary Anode: 2800 rpm Tube Voltage: 40-130KV Tube Current: 200mA MAS: 0.4-360MAS...

  • Digital Radiography FPD U-Arm System

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    Digital Radiography FPD U-Arm System

    Digital Radiography FPD U-Arm System Technical Parameter: Description: High Frequency Digital Radiography System: -The high imaging output of 55kW and 65kW allows short-time radiography, virtually eliminating any motion burring. -Flexible mechanical design ensures the...

  • High Frequency Flexible DR System

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    High Frequency Flexible DR System

    High Frequency Flexible DR System Technical Parameters: Description: -Advanced multi-functions with wide range of applications. Realize radiography of patients’ chest, abdomen, bones etc. with standing, lying and oblique position, patients on stretchers and wheelchair....

  • Mobile Digital Radiography System

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    Mobile Digital Radiography System

    Mobile Digital Radiography System Technical Parameters: Description: High efficiency: -DR Photography: Locate—Exposure—Display Images—Diagnosis -CR Photography: Locate—Exposure—IP Board-Display Images—Diagnosis Film Photography: Locate—Exposure—Cassette—Process Films--Display...

  • Ceiling Suspended DR System

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    Ceiling Suspended DR System

    Ceiling Suspended DR System Characteristics: -55-100kW generator provides the right amount of penetration, reducing exposure times and retakes. -Ceiling suspended frame covers a widely exposure area, multi-dimensional moveable buck stand for various radiography placements....

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