Digital FPD C-arm X-ray System

Digital FPD C-arm X-ray System

Digital FPD C-arm X-ray System Technical Specification: Feature: Friendly user interface: -Human graphic LCD touch-screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes convenient operation. -Hand controller on C-arm stand controls the mechanical and collimator movement, improves your work flow...

Product details

Digital FPD C-arm X-ray System
Technical Specification:

Power Output
Inverter Frequency


Fluoroscopy Mode

Tube Voltage: 40-120KV

Tube Current: 0.3-4MA

Pulse Fluoroscopy

Tube Voltage: 40-120KV

Tube Current:0.3-30MA

Intelligent variable-frequency technology

Photography Mode

Tube Voltage: 40-120KV

Tube Current: 25-100MA

MAS: 1.0MAS-280MAS

Counter balance


1. Self- development high-frequency and high-voltage generator achieved high-frequency pulse fluoroscopy to reduce the dose.

2. Multiple automatic protection and fault code prompt function make maintenance more convenient.

3. Human-graphic touch screen control interface can control dose intelligently and reduce the cumbersome operation. It’s suitable for surgery demand.

4. New C-arm main frame is lightweight and smart for various of surgical demands.

5. Low radiation dose used can protect the doctor and patient.



Lower dose Sharper image:

-Integrated generator with compact C-arm frame suitable for various operating rooms
Unique design of electric auxiliary support arm makes the movement of machine more stable. 


Convenient and reliable C-arm sliding with counter-balance 


Wide range electric elevating meet different operating tables 图片11_副本.jpg 

Large forward, backward and swing movement around axis 


360°horizontal movement to satisfy complex positioning
High-quality images ensure the accurate diagnosis.


Orthopaedics: osteopathy, diaplasis, nailing

Surgery: removing foreign body, cardiac catheter, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.

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