Medical Consumable

  • Medical Connector

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    Medical Connector

    Medical Connector Specification: Type 1: U connector 22M, 22M/15F, Adult PP 22M, 22M/15F with luer ports, Adult PP 15M, 22M/15F, Pediatric PP Type 2: Y connector 15M, 22M/15F, Pediatric PP 22M,22M/15F, Pediatric PP Type 3: End connector 15M, 22F, Pediatric PP 22M, 22F, Adult...

  • Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

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    Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

    anesthesia breathing circuit S pecification: Low Airflow Resistance, Directly Bonded Connectors to The Tube for Avoiding Leakage Risks. Bio-Compatible and Phthalates Free Material Reduces Allergy Risk in Patients. Tubing Types: Corrugated/ Expandable / Smoothbore / Duo-Limbo...

  • Breathing Bag

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    Breathing Bag

    breathing bag S pecification: 22mm connector is fit for all kinds of anesthesia machines. Material: Latex/Latex-free Size:0.5L,1L,2L3L Color: Blue, Gray(latex)/Green (latex-free) P icture:

  • Endotracheal Tube

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    Endotracheal Tube

    endotracheal tube S pecification: Size:3.0-10.0mm Normal type/Strengthen type Available both with cuff and without cuff. Made of clear, medical-grade PVC With high-volume, low-pressure cuff. Radiopaque line throughout the tube for X-ray visualization. P icture:

  • Blood Bag

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    Blood Bag

    blood bag Specification: Size:250ml,350ml,450ml,500ml Single /Double/Triple/Quadruple blood bag Rolled/Extruding Needle:16G P ictures:

  • Blood Transfusion Set

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    Blood Transfusion Set

    blood transfusion set Structure available: 1) with the vented spike of inset the bottle or the cap of vented spike 2) tube length(1.5m,1.2m) 3) drip chamber with its top cap (the both/the single) 4) air inlet filter with the membrane of prevent water 5) regulator of...

  • Dispossible Infusion Set

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    Dispossible Infusion Set

    disposable infusion set S pecification: flexible and clear drip chamber with or without air-filter with or without solution filter roller clamp luer ship or luer lock adapter latex or latex free injection site (bulb or Y site) P icture:

  • Medical Blood Lancet

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    Medical Blood Lancet

    Medical Blood lancet Product Overview: T ype 1: Blood lancets Pressure Activated Safety Lancet :21G 23G 26G 28G Button Activated Safety Lancet:21G 23G 26G Twist Lancet:26G 28G 30G Flat Lancet:21G 28G 30G Stainless lancet:40x5.5x0.15mm;32x5.5x0.15mm P icture: T ype 2: Lancing...

  • Spinal Needle

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    Spinal Needle

    Spinal needle Specification: Types: quicken bevel spinal needle, pencil point spinal needle, with introducer needle. Color coded hub by size for clear recognition Size:16G,17G,18G,19G,20G,21G,22G,23G,24G,25G,26G,27G P icture:

  • IV Cannula

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    IV Cannula

    IV cannula Specification: Size:14G,16G,18G,20G,22G,24G,26G TYPE: With wings / with injection port / pen-like / Small wings Color coded wings by size for clear recognition P icture:

  • Disposible Medical Syringe

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    Disposible Medical Syringe

    disposable medical syringe P roduct Overview: T ype 1: Three-part Syringe Size:1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 60ml Type: Luer lock / luer slip, with or without needle Package: PE or Blister individual bag P icture: T ype 2 Two-part Syringe Size:1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 20ml...

  • Surgical Scalpel Blade

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    Surgical Scalpel Blade

    Surgical scalpel blade C lassification: Surgical Blades Product Overview: Blade shapes 9 to 17 are used in histology units and are all compatible with the associated No.3 handles. (Blade shape 11 can be also used for gardening with a plastic or metal handle) Blade shapes 18...

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