Anesthesia and Breathing Consumable

  • Anesthesia Kit

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    Anesthesia Kit

    Anesthesia kit Characteristics: It’s for performing spinal/epidural or combined spinal/epidural or never-block loco-regional anesthesia on patient in clinical surgery. Apply for: For spinal/epidural or combined spinal/epidural or never-block loco-regional anesthesia. T ype:...

  • Laryngeal Mask

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    Laryngeal Mask

    laryngeal mask S pecification: Size: 1.0#,1.5#,2.0#,2.5#,3.0#,4.0#,5.0#. Material: PVC or Silicone With and without aperture bars are available. P icture:

  • Oxygen Mask

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    Oxygen Mask

    Oxygen mask P roduct Overview: Type 1: Oxygen mask Size: S, M, L, XL OD:0.5CM Tube length:2m Made of clear, medical-grade PVC Adjustable nasal clip optional oxygen supply tubing available. P icture: T ype 2: Nebulizer mask Size: S, M, L, XL OD:0.5CM Tube length:2m Made of...

  • Medical Connector

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    Medical Connector

    Medical Connector Specification: Type 1: U connector 22M, 22M/15F, Adult PP 22M, 22M/15F with luer ports, Adult PP 15M, 22M/15F, Pediatric PP Type 2: Y connector 15M, 22M/15F, Pediatric PP 22M,22M/15F, Pediatric PP Type 3: End connector 15M, 22F, Pediatric PP 22M, 22F, Adult...

  • Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

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    Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

    anesthesia breathing circuit S pecification: Low Airflow Resistance, Directly Bonded Connectors to The Tube for Avoiding Leakage Risks. Bio-Compatible and Phthalates Free Material Reduces Allergy Risk in Patients. Tubing Types: Corrugated/ Expandable / Smoothbore / Duo-Limbo...

  • Breathing Bag

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    Breathing Bag

    breathing bag S pecification: 22mm connector is fit for all kinds of anesthesia machines. Material: Latex/Latex-free Size:0.5L,1L,2L3L Color: Blue, Gray(latex)/Green (latex-free) P icture:

  • Endotracheal Tube

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    Endotracheal Tube

    endotracheal tube S pecification: Size:3.0-10.0mm Normal type/Strengthen type Available both with cuff and without cuff. Made of clear, medical-grade PVC With high-volume, low-pressure cuff. Radiopaque line throughout the tube for X-ray visualization. P icture:

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