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In 2017 China’s medical equipment exports to the countries alongincreased slightly year on year

Nanjing Kaihong Healthcare Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 04, 2018

In 2017, China’s medical equipment exports to the countries along the Belt and Road increased slightly year on year.

Source: International Business

According to the "Blue Book of Medical Devices: China Medical Device Industry Development Report (2018)", in 2017, China exported a total of 4.476 billion dollars of medical equipment to the countries along the "Belt and Road", a slight increase of 4.98% year-on-year, India, Russia, Singapore ranked the top three.

The report quoted China Customs data as saying that the trade volume of medical equipment between China and 64 countries along the “Belt and Road” reached 6.361 billion dollars in 2017, which increased 7.70% compared with the same period, accounting for 15.12% of the total foreign trade of medical equipment in the same period of China. Among them, China's exports of medical equipment along the “Belt and Road” countries were $ 4.476 billion, up 4.98% year-on-year; the import of medical equipment along the “Belt and Road” countries was $ 1.86 billion, up 14.75% year-on-year, and the trade surplus was $ 2.59 billion. The trade competition index is 0.4, indicating that medical device products made in China have certain competitive advantages in countries along the “Belt and Road”.


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