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Definition and Basic Classification of X-ray Machines

Nanjing Kaihong Healthcare Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Definition and Basic Classification of X-ray Machines

X-ray machine is a device that is capable of generating X-rays. Medical X-ray machines for diagnosis are called diagnostic X-ray machines which can be used for fluoroscopy and photography. X-ray fluoroscopy is mainly based on X-ray penetration, differential absorption and fluorescence.

Medical X-ray machines can be divided into two categories: diagnostic X-ray machines and therapeutic X-ray machines according to the purpose of use.

Medical X-ray machines are also called X-ray diagnostic equipment or medical X-rays. Medical X-ray diagnostic equipment is the earliest and most widely used means of medical imaging examination. For more than half a century before the emergence of other medical images, it has been the only clinical imaging visual inspection method. This kind of X-ray machine is suitable for medical applications, widely used in medical institutions and places to provide rapid medical diagnosis for relevant units. Most of its high-voltage generators are digital high-frequency, featuring rich imaging and imaging layers, simple and friendly operation interface.

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