• ICU Ventilator Machine

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    ICU Ventilator Machine

    ICU ventilator machine Extraordinary performance points: Removable 15-inch large touch screen, hang-up type that allows the operator to hang the screen pad wherever requires Easy to operate Thinner screen pad with easy handle Day and night mode change Support adult and...

  • Respiratory Ventilator Machine

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    Respiratory Ventilator Machine

    Respiratory ventilator machine Extraordinary performance points: 12-inch large screen with desirable color schemes Easy to operate Support adult and pediatric ventilation mode Multi-mode ventilation function (VCV, SIMV, PSV, PCV, CPAP, Manual, SIGH) Intelligence operating...

  • Medical Ventilator Equipment

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    Medical Ventilator Equipment

    Medical ventilator equipment Features: 7-inch screen with desirable color Support adult and pediatric ventilation mode Multi-mode ventilation function (VCV, SIMV, SIPPV, Manual, SIGH) Comprehensive monitoring and alarm functions Humidifier with temperature adjustment Flow...

  • Neonatal CPAP Ventilator

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    Neonatal CPAP Ventilator

    Neonatal CPAP ventilator Specially designed for neonates, CNME010404 provides the most professional and diversified noninvasive nasal ventilation modes, with advanced apnea wakeup function and automatic leakage compensation function. Accurate and safe fresh gas delivered by...

  • Portable Emergency Ventilator

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    Portable Emergency Ventilator

    Portable emergency ventilator Specification: Operator can rotate the unit with a pry bar 90 degree meanwhile to lock the unit only. The unit itself can be rotated clockwise to display horizontally when it is vertically placed or can be separated from the supporting system as...

  • Portable Transport Ventilator

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    Portable Transport Ventilator

    Portable transport ventilator Features: Applied for adult and child. Pneumatic driven, Electronic control. Advanced monitoring and alarm systems for patient-related parameters. Can be used in emergency department, department of gynecology and obstetrics, ICU, transport,...

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