Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

Technical Specification:
Main Frequency: 512KHZ
Power Supply: 110V/60HZ; 220V/50HZ
Weight: 6.5kg
Dimension: 28*38*40

Product details

Monopolar cutting electrosurgical unit 


In monopolar electrosurgery, the active electrode is placed at the surgical site. The patient return electrode (also known as a 'dispersive pad') is placed somewhere else on the patient's body. The current passes through the patient as it completes the circuit from the active electrode to the patient return electrode. The function of the patient return electrode is to remove current from the patient safely. A return electrode burn will occur if the heat produced, over time, is not safely dissipated by the size or conductivity of the patient return electrode.

Technical Specification:
Main Frequency: 512KHZ
Power Supply: 110V/60HZ; 220V/50HZ
Weight: 6.5kg
Dimension: 28*38*40 

High Frequency Leakage: 

Monopolar: <150mA
Bipolar: <60mA
Low Frequency Leakage:
Normal Polarity, Intact Chassis Ground: <10μA
Normal Polarity, Ground open< 50μA
Reverse Polarity, Ground Open< 50μA
Sink Current, 140V Applied, All inputs < 50μA  


Working mode

Rated Load

Max. output power

Maximum P-P Voltage

Monopolar cut

Pure Cut




Blend Cut




Monopolar Coag

Contact Coag




Bipolar Coag

Standard Coag




Tips when use product:

1. Determine whether the patient has any metal implants, including cardiac pacemakers. There is potential for injury if a patient return electrode is placed on the skin over a metal orthopaedic implant.

2. For optimum safety, have the patient remove any jewellery to avoid complications from possible current leakage.

3. Position and insulate the patient so that she or he is not touching any grounded metal objects.

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