Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer Feature: High-efficiency & Accuracy Real-time Testing 7 Inch Touch Screen, User-friendly Interface and Simple Operation Wide Applications Comprehensive Detection Items for Diseases Management Test Item: Application Departments: The analyzer can be...

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Immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer 

The Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer developed basing on the advanced technologies is a high-accurate and intelligent device, it can quantitatively test the content of CK-MB, cTnI, Myo, CK-MB/cTnI/Myo, H-FABP, Hs-CRP, NT-proBNP and PCT in whole blood, plasma and serum of human body, the test results are used for clinical auxiliary diagnosis. It is applicable for use inemergency department, ICU, clinical laboratory, cardiology department, paediatrics, gynecology, gerontology department, respiratory department, chest surgery of each hospital.


1. Incubators can be underlied together to imcubate more strips.

2. Portable and practical: small, easy to carry and place

3. Intelligent management.

Usage: outpatient, emergency, Medical Center, cardiology department, etc.

Test Item:



Venous Thromboembolism


Inflammation Monitoring

HS-CRP+CRP            PCT

Diabetes Care


Renal Function

MALB             β2-MG            CVSC                NGAL


TSH*          TSH/T3/T4*

Application Departments: 

The analyzer can be widely applied to many clinical departments as follows:
·Cardiology Dept ·Clinical Laboratory ·Emergency Dept ·ICU  
·Oncology Dept   ·Nephrology Dept    ·Pediatrics Dept    ·Endocrinology Dept
·Gynecology Dept ·Respiratory Dept ·Gastroenterology Dept ·Urology Dept

Flexible Operation Modes:


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